WHY now?

This is a party for multi-generations of people to connect through a common language. The Hustle is a dance that continues to evolve with the unique exchange between original generation dancers and the influx of young people; and of course, music. The Hustle Social creates a place to learn about yourself and by reflection, the local community around you.

The Hustle is a partner dance born in New York City in the early 1970s, a time when social dancing was mainstream. Hustle Social is intentionally created to reintegrate partner dance into our common lives. Social dance is for everyone; it's an expression of your being. Social partner dance is what I believe to be a deeper connection to yourself.  To be in tune with what's inside and outside simultaneously.  I ask, how can we move together?

You can find me (Alessandra) teaching most regularly in New York City. In Brooklyn and Washington Heights. And recently, at the 2018 and 2019 Midsummer Night Swing festival at Lincoln Center.


I also teach workshops to communities around the United States and internationally. Reach out to me directly through the CONTACT menu option.



In the summer of 2013, a search to fill a void in my dance career led to my discovery of New York City's street dance community.  I found people using dance as a medium of literal communication.  Music is a medium through which to express your physical voice; everyone's is unique and genres in street dance embrace that.  Dance battles have a formula like a dialogue: one person (or a group) dances and the others dance in response.  This exchange repeats and so a conversation unfolds.  A cypher is universal and frequently seen in clubs, practice sessions and streets. People create a circle, holding space for the person dancing in the center.


On a Sunday night at the Sullivan Room, among a sea of people breaking, waacking, popping and house dancing, I saw partner dancing.  "Doing the Hustle", I was told. 

Since that night, my passion for Hustle dancing continues to deepen as I learn from the community of people where it all began: New York City.

Alessandra is one of those rare teachers that gives just the technical info needed, nothing more / nothing less, to get you connecting with people in the most joyful way.


D. Madden